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The Screening

We had the KS2 screening in the hall followed by the Bloopers and the Q & A. It all went very well and the children asked some interesting questions about how and why there were 2 Claras (Ellens). There was also some discussion about filming a film within a film and they did a good job of explaining how in film you can suggest and imply things rather than show and tell the story literally. Some children now want to join the club next year.

Final film:

(Bloopers clips in previous post…)

Run School Run Bloopers

For those who have not seen:

And the old one (for reference):

For the film link, refer to this post by Michelle.


W – O – W – !

Great job to everyone in the Clip Club! Having watched our film yesterday, I can reveal that it is AMAZING! We all worked really hard to produce our final film which will be screened on Tuesday for KS2. I also watched the bloopers, which we will show after the film, followed by a Q & A session in the hall.


Final session – July 2013


Film still: Wizard 23 at the end of a take, running upstairs, being filmed by Dual2 and photographed by Gman

It is decided that the final film – and the blooper clips – will be shown at the assembly in the final week of term. So Michelle gets to work polishing the edit with some iMovie sound effects. The group gets to see the final edit and suggests a few amendments which includes some accidental editing at the end of the film that we decide to keep. Wizard23 has been busy with Mr. Peppard deciding on where to put the film posters and organising a screening of the trailer on the outdoor screen as children enter the school.

We also watch Nimbus’s filmed homework: the Mentos and Coke experiment in the park. He had decided to film the experiment with family and friends rather than write about it.

Everyone is quite sad to be finishing the project and wants to carry on next year! We’ll miss DJess because she’s going to secondary school but the others can perhaps carry on and welcome some Year 5s into the group.

What a brilliant time we’ve had! Why not make some comments if you enjoyed this project!

Will post the final film and bloopers after the premiere.

Shooting final scene & editing

We split into 2 groups – one shooting the final scene and the other starting to edit in a group on the smart board. There are varying degrees of success with this strategy. A way to end the film hasn’t at this point been established but in the short time available, the final scene is created and shot – featuring Dual2 innocently reattaching the cable to the computer; this makes for a cliff-hanger ending.

The clips had already been put in a certain order on the timeline in iMovie and so the other group starts looking at how best to cut these clips to tell the story in as dramatic and engaging a way as possible. The clips are all very long at this point and it means detecting the best bits and really cutting out everything that is not necessary to the story. This is quite difficult but it’s vital to make the story move along and keep the audience with us.

At the end of the session we upload the ‘ending’ and watch the cut so far.

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