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Clip Club type sessions in Bordils, Spain

I thought you might like to see some of the people and other things I went to see in Barcelona in Spain a few weeks ago. I visited a primary school who, like you, watch film clips and make their own films and documentaries.

First you see Reception children walking through the town taking real and imagined photos of trees with their ‘juice-container-cameras’. The (Year 6) children by the river are interviewing an 81 year old man, Miguel, from the village who used to be the ferryman taking people, bikes and animals across the river. The young film makers scouted the location the day before and decided on that spot for the interview. You will probably recognise the things they say as they start filming, even though they’re speaking a type of Spanish called Catalan. They take footage of the interview, a few separate sound recordings and then a few different shots of Miguel walking down the path.

All the different years in the school are interviewing older folk in the village to capture and record their stories. These will then be edited together to make a documentary about their area and its history. I took some film of Year 1 children interviewing another man about the little chapel and what the hole in the wall was for.

I will work on subtitled translation at some point but wanted to show you how even Year 4s learn about: sound / light and colour/ framing and shots in foreign documentaries. The special thing about this school is that they do creative projects that involve all the Year groups. From about Year 1 they work using film and photography during normal lesson time in lots of different subjects, recording the process of making whatever they’re making. It was a real pleasure to spend 2 days there, the children and the teachers were all very busy and very happy!

Guess who’s back?

Hello Clip-Clubbers!

In Michelle’s last post, she mentioned that I am back in the club. Well, I’m glad to say- yes! I am! I’ve been working hard to get Level 6 – but really, I just want to have some fun with you guys!

Last session, we went around to film some more shots for Run School Run 2. Not going to reveal much though – you’ll just have to wait to the screening!

Thanks to all who take part, and –

I’m glad to be back!

Reflection on last week and draft storyline

Nimbus is back!! We are very pleased to say that Nimbus has been relieved of SATS booster classes and we all welcome him back to the club. As last week was a bit of a shambles… we discuss that and then read the last post describing the things that went wrong. We all decide that working in this way simply won’t do … Some mention that people had been too hyper, distracted, impatient, wandering off, that there wasn’t enough structure and planning. The whole effort to seemed lack teamwork and a sense of independence and needed a new focussed and determined mindset.

We go through a proposed storyline that Michelle had knocked together from various ideas that had been suggested thus far. See below. It could all change but two groups go off with a shot list and get on with shooting by themselves with ipads. We ditch the camcorder and the tripod. And teamwork seems to have been restored.

We’re limited by what shots we’re able to film because Clara hasn’t got the right dress on in terms of continuity…. She will bring it next week. One group films empty corridors and the playground – these are clips to set the scene and start the film. The other group films¬†Duel 2 leaving the library and then pretending to run away from the Clone. Interestingly they decide to film the same scene simultaneously from a different angle – with another ipad.

Please be thinking how we can end this sequel!


“Previously”… to include clips of Part 1…


Shots of empty school.

George fiddling with gadget.

Clone Ellen ‘awakes’.

Sotonye leaves library down open staircase, without seeing Clone Ellen.

Clone Ellen tries to get out of library to find Sotonye.

Sotonye is walking back to class.

Real Ellen and Elisha are hiding in tunnel.

George fiddling with gadget.

Clone Ellen gets out of library – point of view shots as she goes downstairs.

George fiddles with gadget.

Clone Ellen ‘somehow knows’ where Real Ellen is.

Clone Ellen gets to tunnel – close up.

Real Ellen and Elisha hear her coming and get out of tunnel.

They run down corridor.

Clone Ellen runs after them. POV shot.

Sotonye hears the noises in corridor.

He sees the 2 Ellens. Confusion. Close up of eyes left and eyes right.

George stops fiddling with gadget. Close up of smiling George.

Elisha and Ellen also confused.

Real Ellen feels ill and faints.

Clone Ellen looks at Real Ellen also puzzled… [she thinks back to how she had fallen under the table…]

George pulls plug out of computer and starts fiddling with gadget.

Clone Ellen reacts and starts to lose battery power.

Battery power shot.

Sotonye and Elisha reaction shots.

Clone Ellen falls to floor in same position as Real Ellen.

Sotonye remembers the plug and runs upstairs to plug it back in, taking Elisha with him.

Both Ellens are losing battery power /heart beat slowing down ….

Sotonye and Elisha reach the library.

George is in background …

Something about a virus…?

Shooting problems?

The last 2 sessions have been unfocussed and not very productive. We had hoped to get a few shots in the bag but it’s been very difficult to even get the 3 or 4 useable ones we have. There may have to be some changes…

It could be that the sessions aren’t structured enough, but there was a hope the clip clubbers would be more focussed and organising themselves without as much adult involvement.

It could be the fact that Michelle’s role at the school has changed and so planning and preparation time for the Club is much less than it used to be [eg. the batteries ran out in the stills camera, which was annoying, and wouldn’t ordinarily have happened]

It could be that people are tired from the pressures of the day – it’s SATS time with lots of extra tests and drills and sitting still – and people come to the session with lots of stored energy to get rid of…

It could be that the change from using individual ipads to just one camcorder isn’t working because the clip clubbers’ autonomy has been taken away.

It could be that standing around without a specific role or purpose just doesn’t work at the moment – even though we try to dish out the Director, Assistant Director, Camera Operator, Photographer roles in turn… there seem to be too many distractions.

It could also be that a 50 minute session simply isn’t enough time when it comes to filming….?

The group will have to think about how we can improve the situation to get a better result and not waste time …. and how we can work more as a team. Perhaps an idea might be to shoot using the ipads again and for 2 groups to work on 2 different versions of Run School Run 2¬† building and editing a story from the stock of shots that we manage to take between now and Easter.

On a more positive note, here are some interesting photos taken by Leonardo and Gman (before the batteries ran out) .. mmm… come to think of it ….that’s something we didn’t do this time round – storyboarding with photos…

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