The Clip Club

Primary after-school club in East London, UK – we watch, talk about, shoot and edit short films and clips

Clip Club type sessions in Bordils, Spain

I thought you might like to see some of the people and other things I went to see in Barcelona in Spain a few weeks ago. I visited a primary school who, like you, watch film clips and make their own films and documentaries.

First you see Reception children walking through the town taking real and imagined photos of trees with their ‘juice-container-cameras’. The (Year 6) children by the river are interviewing an 81 year old man, Miguel, from the village who used to be the ferryman taking people, bikes and animals across the river. The young film makers scouted the location the day before and decided on that spot for the interview. You will probably recognise the things they say as they start filming, even though they’re speaking a type of Spanish called Catalan. They take footage of the interview, a few separate sound recordings and then a few different shots of Miguel walking down the path.

All the different years in the school are interviewing older folk in the village to capture and record their stories. These will then be edited together to make a documentary about their area and its history. I took some film of Year 1 children interviewing another man about the little chapel and what the hole in the wall was for.

I will work on subtitled translation at some point but wanted to show you how even Year 4s learn about: sound / light and colour/ framing and shots in foreign documentaries. The special thing about this school is that they do creative projects that involve all the Year groups. From about Year 1 they work using film and photography during normal lesson time in lots of different subjects, recording the process of making whatever they’re making. It was a real pleasure to spend 2 days there, the children and the teachers were all very busy and very happy!

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