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Serious Shooting, Earnest Editing

Run School Run 2: Shot list in the Evernote app

We use the Evernote app in quite an interesting way in this session. As it syncs / updates automatically on all devices every few minutes (or you press the sync button manually) this means that the film crew can have an updated list of what shots need to be done and by whom wherever they are in the building.

We have 2 groups and a roving stills photographer: the film crew who alternate their roles shooting Clone Ellen [CE] approaching the tunnel, and then the editing group who start looking at the footage in iMovie from previous weeks and then start sequencing the shots, deciding which are the best. Michelle [MC] has already uploaded the clips to the Mac Book and organised them into recognisable folders. The discarded ones are either deleted or put in a ‘Blooper’ or a ‘Making of’ folder for later editing. MC reminds the editors how iMovie works: how to view their clips, select the bits they want, drag them onto the timeline, review again, refine some more, split the clips and build the story… and the tension.

This session works well – perhaps helped by last week’s reflective talk with John Potter and the film makers. The production crew work well together and come up with a variety of great shots to capture CE as she locates the hiding Clara and Wizard23. In one shot Cara shoots Clone Ellen by following her into the Tunnel classroom; it ends in a close-up of her head and shoulders leaning against the entrance to the tunnel (thanks to Wizard23 for that). There’s another one featuring a long shot – where the ipad is resting on the floor framing the corridor with a light-filled doorway at the end in deep focus – with Wizard23 and Clara running towards the camera in a panic and then past it out of the frame.

Meanwhile the editors work on a sequence near the beginning of the film where Dual2 exits the library and goes downstairs and then outside, quickly followed by CE going downstairs but turning in the opposite direction into the school. In previous weeks they took a few shots from different angles so these cuts work well as nearly simultaneous actions. They’re learning that they can’t use footage where people get in the way of the shot, the actors look at the camera, smile or simply act in unnatural  or unrealistic ways.

Great work here from Gman – I love the way he’s experimenting with angles and framing whilst capturing the process:


Clip Club welcomes John Potter and film makers Xube Ltd

At the beginning of April the Clip Clubbers, John (Mr. P) and I were very pleased to welcome some professional film makers – Jeremy Henderson and Richard Woolfenden – from a local film company called Xube (pronounced with a Z) and a researcher from The London Knowledge lab called John Potter. They wanted to get some inside information about young people’s film making and film making with ipads in particular. They are going to be working with schools in Leytonstone in a few weeks, making a couple of short films with 2 groups of 20 children (Year 5 & Year 8).

We all talked for about 40 minutes and then the visitors watched the clubbers taking some shots of the Clone walking down the stairs, for the film sequel. The children were asked about how they go about planning, shooting and editing, and the time it takes to get things done; how they make decisions; how it is to be working in a team; how they have been inspired by other short films and clips and how much the experience has affected their normal viewing habits.

We received a very nice email from John Potter about how much they had appreciated talking to the group (copied below). They were impressed by the clubbers’ detailed knowledge about film language, the process of film making and their overall enthusiasm. Mr. P and I are really very proud of how they performed and what they’ve achieved. Well done guys and thanks!

And here are some photos that Gman took of that day’s shoot – the stairs from different angles:

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John’s email to our Head Teacher, Ms. John said:

Good morning,
Please excuse the email out of the blue!
I just wanted to let you know that we had a very good visit as part of our research project for Into Film to your school’s Clip Club on Tuesday afternoon.
Michelle, John and all the children made us feel very welcome.
I think it is a unique after-school offering with a high level of commitment and fun all round and something to be really proud of.  I’ve been working in the field for a number of years, researching children’s digital authoring of all kinds and rarely have I come across such an awareness of film language and the potential of digital technology for media work.
We came in order to learn for a film-making project in schools in Leytonstone next term, so the children were genuinely helping to pass their knowledge of working with iPads on and I hope we can come back next term to show what we were able to do with their help.
Please thank the children and everyone involved for us.
Best wishes,
Dr John Potter
London Knowledge Lab
Department of Culture, Communication and Media
Institute of Education, University of London,
23-29 Emerald Street 
Here are the photos that Richard took during our shoot – more lovely high angle staircase shots. Staircases are always really interesting spaces to film in. There is usually lots of light and opportunities to experiment with different shot types:

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