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Watch all NYFF nominated films on Youtube

You can watch all the nominated films in all the categories here:

Click on the All Shorts Aged 5 – 10 link to play them all in succession or scroll across to find Run School Run! You might find some inspiration!

Winning NYFF entries

All the winning films in all the categories can be seen here in full (not ours unfortunately!) on the nyffvideos Youtube channel:

and you can see ours listed here in the ‘All Shorts Aged 5 – 10’ category:

NYFF Tagul Graphics!

Look at all the great posts you made!


Tagul Graphic for YOUR posts!

Tagul Graphic for YOUR posts!

GMAN post

i felt happy about going to the National film festival we came 2nd out of 500. 


bad man Gman

National youth film festival

The NYFF WebsiteOn Friday 8th November some smart talented children went to Leicester square to the National Youth Film Festival Awards in Vue.

It was so intense we were told that we was in the top 3 ,we were nominated but we didn’t win. There were lots more schools that made great films as well, we had met so many VIP (famous people). I will always remember that day :).


Film festival day

Last week friday was entertaining and we had a wonderful time. I was interviewed by a film festival lady she asked us many questions about what it was like to be in a film. we saw lots of schools and famous people who made a film themselves. there was lots of great food like smoked salmon, chiken on a stick and brownies.


The national youth film festival day!

We had an awesome day.  It made me feel happy because I got to meet really famous people like Theo Stevenson (Ethan) from All Stars. I was interviewed too which was great since no one has done that before ! I have been ‘Leonardo’  and I will leave you with two photos .


Dual2’s response to award day

National Youth Film Festival Awards at Vue, Leics Sq!

Here’s a record of our day at the Vue Cinema, Leics Square on November 8th 2013 for the Award Ceremony of the National Youth Film Festival. It was a very special event and our film came 2nd! This is an amazing achievement and our group should be very proud. Hopefully we’ll get a post or a comment or two from our crew about what happened and how it felt…

We’re all of to Vue in Leicester Square!

The NYFF Website

Well, it looks like we’re all off to Vue Cinema in Leicester Square tomorrow to see our film in lights! We are shortlisted in the ‘Short Film Award’, and came in the top 3 out of 500 people who entered for the award!

Who will win…

National Youth Film Festival nomination!

nyff siteNYFF sends us a very special email – telling us that we’ve been nominated in the Primary category for short film entries! Wow!

Looks like we’re all off to Vue Cinema, Leicester Square on Friday 8th November. We’re one of 3 nominations. Here’s part of the email notification.

Hoping DJess can make it from her other school!

Wish us luck!

nyff notif email

Great Job!

I think we did an excellent job on our film ‘Run School Run’! The way we crafted the ending scene was inspiring to the whole school. The amount of comments I got from my class alone was brilliant! I think we worked together wonderfully to finish the film, and we all did a good job in making it look good (even us behind the camera)!

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