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Hi guys, Nimbus here.

Just wanted to say that we are using iPads (they are SO cool)! Michelle is installing IOS 7 and a nifty little bit of software called ‘Explain Everything’. More on that next week.

National Youth Film Festival – Best Film Club Entry

I have copied these words from the Film Festival site. A Film Club is defined as more than one young person meeting regularly to watch, discuss and/or make film together for young people aged 5-19 years in the UK.

What makes a good film club?
There is no one way to run a successful club and there are lots of different ways that this can be measured. It is key that young people receive a rich experience of film. A combination of one or more of the following would be deemed a great club:

  • Integrating watching, making and understanding film in the club
  • Interesting film choices
  • Inspirational leaders
  • Inspirational members
  • Regular and consistent membership
  • Regular screenings
  • Regular reviewers
  • Making a difference to the lives of members (including young people with disabilities, behavioural problems, poor attendance or poor engagement with learning
  • Running a successful club in an otherwise challenging setting
  • Skill development

There are 2 questions that need to be answered – 100 words max for each question:

What makes your club great?

Why should your club win this award?

National Youth Film Festival – Short Film Entry

The film has now been submitted online. There had to be a 50 word synopsis, which is a short description of the film’s story – and a 50 word paragraph on the reasons why the film was made.


Year 5 children are editing a film. One of the film’s characters, Clara, emerges from the screen and explores the school. Her energy dropping, she needs to get back into the computer, terrifying the film makers. Will she make it? or will Clone Clara carry on her exploration of reality?
Reasons why film was made:
Children our age will be entertained. We made an effort to make a good horror film.
It’s fun, we make videos and watch animations, giving us ideas to make our movie.
Anything I found hard there was someone to help. It was a good experience, editing gave me patience. It was brilliant.
(thanks to Dual2, Wizard23 and Gman for these thoughts)

National Youth Film Festival (NYFF) entry & iPads!


Clip Club gets off to a good start!

The Clip Clubbers are back! What a great turn out to the first session of the year.

Michelle talks about a new national film festival – The National Youth Film Festival, or NYFF for short – to which we can submit our film. At first they said it had to be no more than 3 minutes, so we came to the session ready to edit it down. Michelle then noticed that they’d changed the rules extending it to a maximum of 10 minutes, so we’re now leaving it as it is. There’s also a category for “Best Film Club”, so we’ll enter that too. See below for how this will work… and how you clip clubbers can help.


School’s iPads

As the session plan has changed, Michelle thinks it’s a good idea to get to grips with the school’s new iPads. This is met with uncontainable excitement! After a short demonstration on the whiteboard about how the iPads work, Michelle gives the group a loose brief to interview each other about the making of “Run School Run!”.

We establish that ‘making of’ films include interviews on characters, locations and the different roles people have. The three pairs find a space and start filming and experimenting.

After about 15 minutes, they all come back and we look at the footage. Sadly Michelle’s iPad and the school’s iPads are a bit different so the connector to the whiteboard doesn’t work, so we all crowd round the iPad screens.

It was good fun experimenting with the new devices and we’ll see what can be done with the footage next time. Maybe we can store it in Dropbox folders, so that it doesn’t matter which iPad you work with next time, you’ll always have your clips online to download where ever OR on whatever device you have to hand.

By the way – if anyone wants to fill in this NYFF_Best Film Club_Application Form_2013 about the club so we can discuss it together quickly next time, then great! There are 2 main questions to be thinking about: What makes your club great? (no more than 100 words) & Why should your club win this award? (no more than 100 words).

See you next week!

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