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Final session and party

It’s the last session…. 😦

Michelle does some of her research stuff: setting up an audio recorder, a few photos on the tables and some post-it notes. She wants to find out what we remember about the process from way back when we first started by writing memories, words, observations on the notes. Michelle points out a photo of Gman’s that is particularly good… this one:


It’s good because of the use of the ‘rule of thirds’ (imagining the photo split into a grid of 9 squares with balanced content in each one), the interesting natural lighting, the depth of field (seeing right to the bottom of the corridor), the composition (the arrangement of everything in the frame), AND catching Clara at exactly the right moment, in a fantastic pose in the centre of the frame. This is sophisticated photography and Gman should be really proud. Clara should also be proud as it’s not just her face that’s acting, but her whole body too. Well done!

There’s much excitement as people drift in …. we’re without Leonardo, not sure why. Dual2 nearly didn’t make it, so Michelle gives him his present before all the others … turns out he does make it to the session, but he manages to keep the gift a secret.

Some are happy to write on the post-it notes but Dual2 for example prefers to interview his peers with the audio recorder. People are sad to see that it’s all over and more some have wondered if they can come back to help with the next Clip Club – if that were to happen. Michelle says that would be good, but they could also set up their own Club in their new secondary schools, like DJess did.

We move onto the next phase where Michelle has prepared some words/questions/phrases on cards. The group take turns to pick one or two up at a time and talk about what the cards say eg.

I liked it when…

I now know I’m good at…

Things went well when…

Things didn’t go so well when…

I think (X) is good at…

I think the best shot was…


Examples of the things the group says: Nimbus reckons it’s made him feel more creative / Dual2 recognises that film making is a process that takes planning and lots of time / Wizard23 thinks he’s got more social skills / Clara & Cara regret the times when they messed around and could have done more work.

Michelle gives everyone a present – a Celebrations box of sweets (& Mr. P some whiskey!) to thank them for making the past couple of years such a special time. We do a collective hands thing – what’s the name of that? – and go out  to take photos. Mr. P produces some pop and hoola hoops. We watch the film and the ‘Making of’ film again as Wizard23 hadn’t seen them. Much laughter at Dual2 running along the paving stones – again!

Roll on Friday 11 July 2014 – the day we screen to the school. Next post will have links to all films.

Shooting ‘the meet’ scene – a good mess?

I know that shooting the scenes can sometimes be messy and not go entirely according to plan… and I think this session is one of these. There’s no Nimbus or Mr. P today so we’re one bigger group doing the shoot together. When I come back from having to move my car, things seem to get more noisy. Tempers are flying … but sometimes, paradoxically and unexpectedly, surprises can happen. Looking at the rushes we get quite a lot of good shots – amid the mayhem – that will be useable. But how many more could we have got if the group had been working together?

The group tends to turn to me to stop the noise, get some order and approve shot ideas, when the group could just organise itself and try things out. Maybe I shouldn’t get involved at all in the shooting, which is quite difficult for me…. that’s my challenge, as a teacher, to let go… what’s yours?

How do people feel when the roles/shots as listed on the ipad aren’t being followed?
Should Michelle not get involved at all in the shooting?
Why do some people lose focus, split from the group, wander off and fiddle with other things?What happens when someone from the group takes charge of the situation?
Why is listening to other people’s ideas or instructions so hard sometimes?
Does everyone need to have something particular to do all the time?
Why come to Clip Club? What do you get out of it?

I’m really curious about all these things and wonder if we need to come up with a different way of doing things.

Animation about children and film

This is an animated film by illustrator / animator Louis Cochrane interpreting some of my friend Becky’s research.

Movie shown at a conference

This movie was made by Michelle to show at a (Media Education) conference at The British Film Institute on November 23 2013. Thanks to the interviewees and all club participants! I gave a presentation and told people how you work with digital media.

Great Job!

I think we did an excellent job on our film ‘Run School Run’! The way we crafted the ending scene was inspiring to the whole school. The amount of comments I got from my class alone was brilliant! I think we worked together wonderfully to finish the film, and we all did a good job in making it look good (even us behind the camera)!

Tagul / Wordle graphics

Here are more Wordle and Tagul graphics using the words of Gman, Wizard23 and Dual2 when they were asked to comment on last term’s Clip Club. We’ll be using these in the next session.




Wizard23’s reflections on Clip Club

‘Run school run’ is a very good film for all of us to enjoy. The reason why is because all the other children that are our age will be entertained. Also we have put in a lot of effort to make it a really good horror film. I enjoyed the part when I got to run away from Clone Clara. I was able to run really fast and that is when I developed as the main character. Also the other people that were in the group put in a lot of effort for this movie. What I learned is that it’s very entertaining for me to do the acting, but the directing and everything else was really special, not just to me but for all of the group as it meant a lot to them. Before I never, ever knew how to make a movie on a tablet and knew nothing about editing, so thanks to everyone including DJess and others.

Dual2’s reflections on Clip Club

It was good, enjoyable it taught me some things. It helped me with technology; it helped me to make films. Anything I found hard there was someone to help me with. It was a good experience it encouraged me to always edit your movie, it gave me patience. It was brilliant. I am enjoying using ipads to film and to use imovie. I liked being the director because people followed your orders and I think I was good at it because people listened to me. I liked being an actor, also in fact I would say that I enjoyed experiencing all the roles. The movie was good, it could have more added, a bit more humour and action in it, but overall it was a good movie. I was surprised that people laughed at it, perhaps it could have been a bit scarier. It would have been interesting to have some talking in the movie.

Gman’s reflections on Clip Club

In clip club it was fun because we make lots of videos and we watch animations. This gave us lots of ideas to make our movie. I particularly liked being the cameraman because you get to use the camera and take lots of footage. I learned that film making is not about having the same role all the time and I enjoyed being assistant director as you get to boss people around and using the clip board was good fun.

Tag Wordclouds

This was made in – it’s free and it checks out the most used words on your site and creates a graphic from them. and do the same thing without you having to sign up with your email. We can talk about this next time. More clouds here.

The Clip Clubalphareflections_tagxedo

Clip Club Word Cloud

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