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Arts Award and Clip Club

Hello Clip Club followers! It’s January 2016 and we’ve started a new club with new people! The group will be working towards gaining their Arts Award certificate. The Club has been asked by an organisation called Into Film to run a ‘pilot project’ to see how children and young people can get the Award through film-making and animation. We’ve had two sessions so far and we’ve watched some shorts on Youtube, talked about camera shots, angles and distances, looked at some flip books and also had a go at animating with clay.

In our first session, in order to introduce some film language, we watched the Korean animation ‘Birthday Boy’, by Sejong Park. See below:

We talked about what the film meant, but also about the film shots and sounds that comprised the film.

To get the Award each participant has to commit to a number of hours in which they learn and interact with film, art, cultural organisations, make their own film and document the process. From the ‘stories’ in the flip books, we have thought about using the theme of ‘the surreal’, which includes dreams and odd combinations of ideas that create new art forms, all of which will help us to make our own imaginative stop motion animations.

Lucia tried out the free iMotion app and made her own animations at home. We also watched this blue man animation on Youtube and talked about the sounds and how the character addresses the audience with his eyes:



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