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Primary after-school club in East London, UK – we watch, talk about, shoot and edit short films and clips

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He Dies At The End – short ‘horror’ clip

ecu-dies-at-endWe decide to get back to film clip watching and making. We watch this short horror movie by Irish film maker Damien McCarthy called He Dies At The End. Even though we know what is going to happen, it’s still scary and creepy and full of tension. Michelle records the clip clubbers’ reactions whilst watching and then some of the comments made afterwards.  Watch it and see what you think about how tension and suspense is created and maintained throughout, with the Director’s choice of images, shots and sound:

In another post I’ll put up another clip of the film director making the ‘thing’ at the end… it’d spoil the surprise if I post it here!

Filming whilst watching (in poor light):

Chat about the film afterwards:

Wizard23 filming Leonardo after watching ‘He dies at the end’:

Blue Chopper & experimenting with EE

It’s been a while since we met and so to get back into the swing of things we have a look at another clip similar in style to the Big Match. Set in 1975, it’s called Blue Chopper about a boy and his new bike:

We talk a bit about families and how they might respond in a similar situation. We also talk about the possibility of: involving the rest of the class in an EE (Explain Everything) project as well as doing a Run School Run 2 later in the year/term.

The rest of the time the clubbers spend doing more work experimenting with their EE projects. It seems that we come across the same problems with EE and maybe it’s not the easiest software to be creative with …. you need to have your slides all finished and perfect before you start talking/narrating over the top of them and it’s difficult to go back and edit images, photos and text if you make a mistake. Perhaps it’s better to use EE for EXPLAINING things or showing knowledge about things or processes that you’ve laid out beforehand, like Powerpoint. Or – you just have to be really organised and totally STORYBOARD every slide and know what’s going to happen on each one before recording.

You would need to have a fixed background and various characters or objects sitting on the top that you can animate or move around with your fingers as the story develops. This takes lots of planning, which is not a bad thing.

Here’s Dual2 playing with the EE App.

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