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Session 4 – Wallace & Grommit and the eye-line match

A bit of editing goes on while we wait for people to arrive. We talk about the different shots we know and I introduce the ‘eye-line match’. This mainly consists of 2 shots – one shot of the main character and then another shot of what the character is looking at – which is often a close-up shot. We look at a clip of Wallace & Grommit and the Curse of Were-Rabbit watching out for eye-line matches, for example, when Grommit is looking down at the carrots he’s chopping, or into the fridge and when Wallace looks down at his newspaper.

storyboardWe talk about how animations start out as drawings on a storyboard and how storyboards are not only used to build the story but also to plan the camera shots. When the storyboard is finished, the film makers have a list of shots to film.

This link shows an interview with Nick Park – the director of Wallace and Grommit – and some of his drawings.

Based on the work that we’ve already done on different shot types and scary classroom stories, we decide as a a group on another scary story to be filmed in 8 shots. One of these shots is an eye-line match involving an extreme close-up followed by a close-up of the top of a desk (that’s shaking!). Thanks to Wizard23 for volunteering to take over the storyboard drawing!

The group have a few good ideas about the ending of the film – for example, cutting to a news room – so it is decided that each group can shoot their own ending. Filming will begin next week.

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