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The Iron Giant

I think this is a lovely large scale animation – using people and big props, lying on the floor – created by Year 4 children at Sunnyhill Primary School in Streatham, South London. It’s a retelling of The Iron Man made as part of London Connected Learning Centre’s Cultural Campus 2014. Those of you who have done some animation and editing before will know how much work this was! The children were supported by artist/animator Reza Ben Gajra:

The Iron Man by Sunnyhill Primary School – Cultural Campus from LondonCLC on Vimeo.

Xube films: Boxing Clever & Boxed In

Some readers of the blog may remember a visit we had from a local film making company called Xube and a researcher from the London Knowledge Lab – see the post here. The researchers were looking at the advantages and disadvantages of using iPads for film making in schools. Below are links to their final films – they both had the theme of ‘mysterious boxes’:

Year 5 – Boxing Clever –

Year 8 – Boxed In –

Like us, they watched a few short films and clips for inspiration on how to create tension and a mood of mystery. They looked at clips from familiar films like ET and Monsters Inc. and less familiar ones like these – The Red Balloon a French Oscar winner by Albert Lamorisse from 1956 and Room 8 a BAFTA short film winner by James W Griffiths from 2014:





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