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Run School Run Bloopers

For those who have not seen:

And the old one (for reference):

For the film link, refer to this post by Michelle.

Run School Run! Shoot 1

photoWe manage to get 4 shots done in this session, which is great. First we discuss the plot to refresh our memories and look at the photo-storyboard on the blog. We run through a few filming techniques eg. the importance of camera position and angle and the various roles of the film crew. Everyone will have a go at each job. Let’s remember the order of events:

The Director thinks about the shots in this scene and where best to position the camera and the actors. (Is the camera fixed? Does the camera move? do the actors move? If so, how?)The Assistant Director (AD) gets everyone into position behind the camera and shouts: “All quiet!”
The Director positions the actors in the scene and where the camera should be placed
The Camera operative says: “Camera rolling!”
The Clapper says: “Scene 1, Take 1”
The Director says: “Action!” and then “Cut!” at the end of the shot

For example the first shot was allocated like this:


Setting: Library
Close up shot of the computer on a table with iMovie opened on it. We see an image of Clara on the screen, the film is in the middle of being edited. Do a couple of shots from different angles. Important not to move the computer between takes.

Director: Leonardo

Assistant Director (AD): Dual2

Camera: Nimbus

Clapper: Cara

The others without a specific role are encouraged to watch, listen and learn so they know what they’re doing the next time.


Setting: Library
Clone of Clara ‘comes out of’ the computer. This will be a series of shots done separately later (like the Alma sequence) but we need Clone Clara just after she has come out and walking towards the door. Take 2 or 3 different shots of the same scene from different angles

Director: Wizard23

AD: Leonardo

Camera: Dual2

Clapper: Gman

Scene 3

Setting: Around the School
Clone Clara wandering round school, looking at things, touching objects and looking scary. Take 3 different shots in different locations and angles.

Director: Nimbus

AD: Cara

Camera: Gman

Clapper: Wizard23

It was an excellent try at a first shoot, and here are a few bloopers – because it’s fun! and also, we can see what we can do a bit better next time.

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