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Session 9 – Alma, editing and a little bit of blogging

In session 9 we started off by watching a clip called ‘Alma’:

This clip was an award winning animation by French (actually, Spanish) people and has won 4 competitions and several Oscars. Here is what Leonardo, GMan and DJess posted about it. I think that everyone who signs their name on the wall is the next victim of the evil, self-killing shop. Unluckily, Alma signed her name on the wall and the doll popped up in the window. Clara had an interesting idea on the fact that they monitor you through the window on the wall and pop up an appropriate doll.

After watching and discussing we continued editing our trailers while Michelle took us out, to teach us to post. I taught Leonardo.

A great session and expect to see some posts coming soon!

Alma – the animation

We watched an animation called Alma. People thought it was quite scary but I didn’t. There was a bit where the girl disappeared into the doll which was quite good but it could have been better if there were more sound effects and more gruesomeness.

Alma-by Leonardo

Alma was an animation by French people with a girl who turned in to a doll. A shot I liked was when the the girl’s life flashed before her.

Alma’s soul

When we all watched Alma everyone enjoyed it and I thought it was good as well. The part that I liked was when she touched the doll and her soul went into the doll.

Film Planning

wizard23Looking forward to the next session. We will be planning our movie that the school will see. Here’s a cool edited still of Wizard23 that we could use at some point in our film/trailer or publicity.

Run School Run!

Run School Run!

Poster by Wizard 23 of clip clubs upcoming debut scary movie. Keep your eyes out around the school for more news!

Editing Horror/Thriller trailers

It’s great to see everyone turning up for more Clipclub sessions – we’ll be carrying on into the summer months. This is important because, as we’re discovering, films take lots of time, planning, concentration and effort! Over the past 2 sessions the team has been been working on edits for a potential film trailer.

Before they get on with editing we talk about what makes a good edit:

  • selecting the most interesting bits of the available clips:
    • visually
    • cinematically
    • dramatically
  • being careful about deciding where clips start and where clips finish (the start point and the end point)
  • thinking about clip length – shorter the better for trailers
  • carefully adding digital effects: sound effects, voices, titles, music, fade ins and fade outs
  • carefully editing digital effects: reversing or slowing down sound
  • not SHOWING and EXPLAINING everything… it’s better to make people curious and raise questions in people’s minds so they want to see the film

The below clips were done in a short space of time, with only a quick demonstration on the whiteboard of what’s possible in the software. This one by Nimbus and Leonardo is particularly good and captures all the suspense of a thriller/horror trailer, made from the various bits of footage and sound taken over the past few weeks.:

Here are more practice trailers which aren’t quite finished yet:

How to use the YouTube web editor

Hi everyone,

To begin, you need to go to You should see a screen like this:


then, click the sign in button: yteditorsignin and sign in with your Google Account (this is your account for gmail or google plus.

You should then see a screen like this:


after that, click on Creative Commons (CC): yteditorcreativecommons

You can then mix videos to your pleasure.

To see what all the other buttons do, move your arrow on to the button in question and keep it there. A label should materialise telling you what that button does.

For any more information, refer to this post by Michelle.

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