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Primary after-school club in East London, UK – we watch, talk about, shoot and edit short films and clips

Session 9 – Alma, editing and a little bit of blogging

In session 9 we started off by watching a clip called ‘Alma’:

This clip was an award winning animation by French (actually, Spanish) people and has won 4 competitions and several Oscars. Here is what Leonardo, GMan and DJess posted about it. I think that everyone who signs their name on the wall is the next victim of the evil, self-killing shop. Unluckily, Alma signed her name on the wall and the doll popped up in the window. Clara had an interesting idea on the fact that they monitor you through the window on the wall and pop up an appropriate doll.

After watching and discussing we continued editing our trailers while Michelle took us out, to teach us to post. I taught Leonardo.

A great session and expect to see some posts coming soon!

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3 thoughts on “Session 9 – Alma, editing and a little bit of blogging

  1. Mr P on said:

    I thought the concept of a children’s doll shop that was there only to entrap children was very sinister! When Alma finally touched her doll you immediately sensed the feeling of being trapped inside as you looked out from inside the doll. Then after that the moment where the next victims doll appeared was very freaky. I wonder what all those children were feeling trapped inside as they see the next child enter the shop?

  2. Thanks for posting the link Nimbus. In fact I found out that Alma is based in Barcelona in Spain (although the music does sound French!). The Director is Rodrigo Blaas who used to work at Dreamworks animation.

    I also wonder how the other children feel about being trapped. Why don’t you blog a poem about it?

    • Nimbus on said:

      Yes, I wonder… I will have to think one up and I will definitely post it if I have any Ideas. I’ll set up the post as Pending so you can look at it first. Really good idea though!

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