The Clip Club

Primary after-school club in East London, UK – we watch, talk about, shoot and edit short films and clips

Alma on the shelf, a poem

I wonder how long I’ll be here?
Fear crawls over my stiff limbs
Pins hold me together.
Forever my eyes will roll around
No sound in this crowded shop.
Hope and loneliness in the lair,
Despair when I hear a skip and a song
Not long till the next victim.

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3 thoughts on “Alma on the shelf, a poem

  1. Nimbus on said:

    W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!! Great job Michelle, I never knew you were so talented at poetry!! We could put that in our trailer or even our FILM (at the end?). Really great job…

  2. clara on said:

    This poem is amazing it is wonderful to read and enjoy.Welldone how made it.

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