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Primary after-school club in East London, UK – we watch, talk about, shoot and edit short films and clips

Final session and party

It’s the last session…. 😦

Michelle does some of her research stuff: setting up an audio recorder, a few photos on the tables and some post-it notes. She wants to find out what we remember about the process from way back when we first started by writing memories, words, observations on the notes. Michelle points out a photo of Gman’s that is particularly good… this one:


It’s good because of the use of the ‘rule of thirds’ (imagining the photo split into a grid of 9 squares with balanced content in each one), the interesting natural lighting, the depth of field (seeing right to the bottom of the corridor), the composition (the arrangement of everything in the frame), AND catching Clara at exactly the right moment, in a fantastic pose in the centre of the frame. This is sophisticated photography and Gman should be really proud. Clara should also be proud as it’s not just her face that’s acting, but her whole body too. Well done!

There’s much excitement as people drift in …. we’re without Leonardo, not sure why. Dual2 nearly didn’t make it, so Michelle gives him his present before all the others … turns out he does make it to the session, but he manages to keep the gift a secret.

Some are happy to write on the post-it notes but Dual2 for example prefers to interview his peers with the audio recorder. People are sad to see that it’s all over and more some have wondered if they can come back to help with the next Clip Club – if that were to happen. Michelle says that would be good, but they could also set up their own Club in their new secondary schools, like DJess did.

We move onto the next phase where Michelle has prepared some words/questions/phrases on cards. The group take turns to pick one or two up at a time and talk about what the cards say eg.

I liked it when…

I now know I’m good at…

Things went well when…

Things didn’t go so well when…

I think (X) is good at…

I think the best shot was…


Examples of the things the group says: Nimbus reckons it’s made him feel more creative / Dual2 recognises that film making is a process that takes planning and lots of time / Wizard23 thinks he’s got more social skills / Clara & Cara regret the times when they messed around and could have done more work.

Michelle gives everyone a present – a Celebrations box of sweets (& Mr. P some whiskey!) to thank them for making the past couple of years such a special time. We do a collective hands thing – what’s the name of that? – and go out  to take photos. Mr. P produces some pop and hoola hoops. We watch the film and the ‘Making of’ film again as Wizard23 hadn’t seen them. Much laughter at Dual2 running along the paving stones – again!

Roll on Friday 11 July 2014 – the day we screen to the school. Next post will have links to all films.

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10 thoughts on “Final session and party

  1. Anonymous on said:

    This is carla and i am missing the clipclub it was one of the best things on my life and i miss all the members too

  2. Carla! Great to hear from you. Hope you’re having a great summer. I’m going to miss you all too, but we can still keep in touch. You’re such a great actress. I meant to say this in this post, so think I’ll go and edit it now. Keep filming! Keep acting!

  3. Hi Cara! Great to hear from you! Hope things are going well at secondary school. We’re hoping to run another club for a term from January. Do you know we won film of the month on the ‘Into Film’ site with Run School Run 2.. ? Will do some posts here about the new club, it will be a bit different.

    Have you done any more filming at school? Do you hear from the others at all?


    • Hi Michelle I just heard about the prizes so happy! What do we have to do to get the prizes? My brother and sister are still At St Eluzabeth so they can give it to me. Secondary school is good thank you but I have seen Cara a bit.

      • We’ll sort it soon as poss. Mr. P is in charge of that. Great to hear from you. Hope you’re still performing somehow or other. I’ve just been writing about Clip Club for a thing called a PhD. You’ve all really helped me in my studies about film-making. Thanks so much! Xx

  4. Thank you so much I had a great time working with you and I wish I could do it all over again

  5. Michelle I am getting my username mixed up, I posted the one on the 9 of December but used Cara’s name

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