The Clip Club

Primary after-school club in East London, UK – we watch, talk about, shoot and edit short films and clips

Shooting problems?

The last 2 sessions have been unfocussed and not very productive. We had hoped to get a few shots in the bag but it’s been very difficult to even get the 3 or 4 useable ones we have. There may have to be some changes…

It could be that the sessions aren’t structured enough, but there was a hope the clip clubbers would be more focussed and organising themselves without as much adult involvement.

It could be the fact that Michelle’s role at the school has changed and so planning and preparation time for the Club is much less than it used to be [eg. the batteries ran out in the stills camera, which was annoying, and wouldn’t ordinarily have happened]

It could be that people are tired from the pressures of the day – it’s SATS time with lots of extra tests and drills and sitting still – and people come to the session with lots of stored energy to get rid of…

It could be that the change from using individual ipads to just one camcorder isn’t working because the clip clubbers’ autonomy has been taken away.

It could be that standing around without a specific role or purpose just doesn’t work at the moment – even though we try to dish out the Director, Assistant Director, Camera Operator, Photographer roles in turn… there seem to be too many distractions.

It could also be that a 50 minute session simply isn’t enough time when it comes to filming….?

The group will have to think about how we can improve the situation to get a better result and not waste time …. and how we can work more as a team. Perhaps an idea might be to shoot using the ipads again and for 2 groups to work on 2 different versions of Run School Run 2  building and editing a story from the stock of shots that we manage to take between now and Easter.

On a more positive note, here are some interesting photos taken by Leonardo and Gman (before the batteries ran out) .. mmm… come to think of it ….that’s something we didn’t do this time round – storyboarding with photos…

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