The Clip Club

Primary after-school club in East London, UK – we watch, talk about, shoot and edit short films and clips

Planning the story sequel


Brainstorming the plot

Last session we started throwing some ideas around for our sequel to Run School Run 1 involving the clone, a dilemma, a virus/disease, a split screen. All of which sounds promising.

This week we get more organised with dates and a rough idea of what we will be doing over the next few weeks. We’d like to try and finish before Easter. We sit round a table in the new Early Years section of the school and go through the sometimes painful process of developing the storyline.

Some good ideas are offered and we manage to remain focussed for most of the time without it becoming a shouting, free-for-all, fidgety mess!


Project planning

There are three key ideas coming out of this session: 1) the opportunities for dramatic irony (the audience knowing more about the situation than the actors on screen) 2) the opportunities for complex shots/editing of clone and real Clara (eg. looking through window in door, thanks to Mr. P and Gman for these ideas) and 3) the idea of Nimbus being some kind of Master Controller of the Clone (like Wizard of Oz idea, thanks to Wizard23 for this).

Cara starts to question the logic behind certain parts of the story, for example, why should Dual2 go back to the classroom? It’s got to make sense and the story has to flow, for the audience to keep with us.


Shot description – not shot design… yet….

We all feel that the Clone has eventually to get back home but decide to leave some aspects of the plot to spontaneous thinking later on, perhaps while filming – as happened in the first film when shooting the ending.

Mr. P mentions that DJess has started ‘a film making club’ in her secondary school and so we might try and contact the school to see if we can visit her group and see how that works. Maybe we can go when this film is finished, show our sequel and then discuss how we made it?

There seems to be a clear commitment to making time count now, not messing around during sessions. Dual2 says he mentioned this already to Mr. P during the week and it seems that there might now be a shift in focus. It’s difficult at this time of year when there are SATS ‘booster’ classes are going on morning, afternoon and late after school… Nimbus has had to give up Clip Club for a while for this reason, but I guess it’s worth it, so he can do even better. We don’t think it’ll be a problem to grab Nimbus for filming the bits we need him for.

Can’t wait for next week to begin designing and filming the shots.


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