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Run School Run 2: starting to plan the story

This session sees the beginnings of a sequel to our first short: Run School Run! Two groups discuss some ideas on how the story is to continue. We have some fairly complicated plot suggestions and some of the basic ideas are worth exploring: mixed up identities / involving the rest of the school – assembly? / a virus … but what really catches on is the idea of a split screen suggested by Dual2. He’d seen some app where it’s possible to duplicate photos side by side… I tell them to research if it’s possible to use this effect with film – in iMovie.

We find a Youtube clip to help us and then have to deal with the different versions of iMovie that we have on our Macbooks. A further problem is not seeing the option that the Youtube clip has told us to press…. more research…. you have to enable Advanced Options…. eventually after a bit of trial and error we get there and with a whoop of joy and satisfaction – solving the problem – we come up with a version of the effect we may be able to use.

It’s nice to see one group teaching the others how to do it… and then Dual2 comes up against the problem of iMovie versions again. We all have to get used to adapting to upgrades of software, new interfaces, new tools … it will always be changing as new ideas are brought in by developers and others taken away. The thing is not to get too comfortable with your interfaces … software is never finished, always evolving … just like the work we produce… maybe it’s always ‘in beta’, always a ‘work in progress’? I’m wondering how much of our plot will be influenced by what the tools say we can achieve?

Here’s part of the session…I forgot to use landscape instead of portrait with my iPhone 😦

I found this youtube clip which tells us exactly how to do a split screen so you don’t actually see the split…maybe we can try this the next time so we can make it look like the clone is interacting with the real person.

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2 thoughts on “Run School Run 2: starting to plan the story

  1. It’s great to see everyone working on my idea.BUt without the teams help I would never had came up with that idea

  2. So great to get your comment Duel2. You do have good ideas and the team really values your input. I love the way you tackle problems and try to get to the bottom of things. We’ve got to get the story sorted first and then we can spend more time on editing. Have a great half term.

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