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Storyline and shooting the storyboard

Here’s the storyline:

A Macbook is left on a table in the library with iMovie opened on a project. Footage of Clara is being edited.

Something happens and a clone of Clara comes out of the computer (the ‘Alma sequence’ of shots).

She goes off wandering round the school.

Wizard23 & Clara come back to the library and continue working on their film.

Clone Clara finally finds them.

Wizard23 hears something, turns round and sees both Claras.

Clone Clara reaches out to grab Wizard23 to get him out of the way.

Wizard23 and Clara are in shock and try to defend themselves. Wizard23 runs away.

Clone Clara doesn’t go after them, she touches the computer to get back into the iMovie programme to get ‘home’… (another ‘Alma sequence’ of shots).

Nimbus set up some nice shots and Gman used his photographic eye to take some great photos to capture the rough plot outline. There was some brilliant acting and great support from the rest of the team. Thanks guys!

Here’s a slideshow of the storyboard:

Here’s a test series of shots to show you how the ‘Alma sequence’ might work once the stills/effects/sounds are decided on.

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4 thoughts on “Storyline and shooting the storyboard

  1. Wizard23 (soon to be Cool Sonic) on said:

    Wizard23 here!
    Great storyboard looking forward to turning it into a trailer. Have we thought about what happens when we run away? Does anyone find us? Maybe we could bump into Dual2 in our panic and ask him to help us. We would have to film an extra part but I think it would add something.

    • Great idea Wizard23/Cool Sonic! Think about how we can do this without words – just with the camera, the action, facial expressions and the music. Keep the action tight – Dual2 could get mixed up between Clara and her clone?

  2. clara on said:

    this has good good photos in it

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