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Primary after-school club in East London, UK – we watch, talk about, shoot and edit short films and clips

‘The Big Match’ analysis

man in the moonWe begin to look at how the animation in our last sessionThe Big Match –  is designed and how it illustrates the voice-over story. We write some things down to do with colour, setting, story and sequence. Here are some of the things we notice in the first 40 seconds of the film:

  • the bright green colour (keeps coming back)
  • text from newspaper cuttings
  • drawn postcard of a city with a coffee stain (that Leonardo notices)
  • cardboard box background
  • a 3D McDonalds scene
  • cut outs of customers and bits of the shop flipping up in McDonalds
  • a video clip in a scrap of paper
  • little boy kicks the football out of the video into the animated sky, watched by the man in the moon
  • “Over / the / Moon” from magazine cuttings
  • the moon is the same shape as the football
  • photos mixed with black and white drawings
  • handwriting
  • sunshine and sky mean happiness
  • happy music then sadder music talking about his Dad…
  • sports shop in the sky
  • pacman eating the screen like a transition (Leonardo’s idea)
  • the concept of retro – meaning something that imitates the style of something from the past

Then we split up – each with an iPad and headphones – to watch, pause and scroll through the rest of the movie to pick up other design techniques for their own ‘making of a memory’.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are other design elements we notice from the film:

And more:

  • panning shot across the railings, photo in background
  • photo of living room on newspaper, live action on TV
  • aerial shot of town
  • black outline of Dad and kid
  • extreme close-up of green tickets
  • rainbow & multiples of jumping kid
  • newspaper headlines
  • whistle blowing
  • crowds cheering
  • panning shot across stalls selling hats
  • bovril cups in newspaper
  • cross dissolves watching game
  • aerial, high angle shot to finish

Clara finishes early and goes to another room to record and then re-record her own story using Garageband. She’s brought a tiger soft toy with her to start collecting things to help tell the story of a trip to Dublin Zoo with her family.

Leonardo has brought a video he made on his phone – of him telling his story – but we have problems getting it off the phone. We’ll try again next week by blue toothing or using a cable.

Wizard 23 has also brought something in to share – his first football shirt. Mr. P is going to keep this safe till next week when we will have time to listen to his story and take photos.

Thanks to Nimbus for helping to set up the iPads with some efficient QR code scanning so that everyone had easy access to the clip … and then putting all the iPads away at the end!

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5 thoughts on “‘The Big Match’ analysis

  1. Looks like you’re doing great work studying The Big Match. Did you know the director gave me 5 minutes of reference footage of him playing with cardboard boxes for that one McDonalds shot. Reference is very important. 🙂

  2. Nimbus on said:

    Hey, Nathan!
    It is inspiring, what you have said, and the fact that you can create a scene out of odd footage of a cardboard box is amazing! Commenting on behalf of The Clip Club members, would you mind telling us what you mean by ‘Reference’?

    • No problem. Getting reference is when you look at other things that will help you do a better job on whatever you are working. Like when I had to animate the cardboard cut out mcdonalds I looked at real card board boxes allot, and other animations with that pop up effect.

      You can do this with any part of animation, like if you’re drawing a house you might look up lots images of difference houses to inspire you.

      • Nimbus on said:

        Thanks, Nathan! Maybe we can use that technique in our animations, as some people have already brought in their props for their animation! I will definitely suggest that at our next session, and I for one will use that technique!

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