The Clip Club

Primary after-school club in East London, UK – we watch, talk about, shoot and edit short films and clips

Session 4: Animatou & dream ideas

We started the session by watching ‘Animatou’ (2007, Switzerland) by Claude Luyet. A 6 minute cat-and-mouse style film that demonstrates five different styles of animation from hand-drawn to stop motion with clay and the computer generated. It has won many awards. Some of the ideas from this short were taken up in Run School Run 2.

Michelle showed how she’d brought together the ‘Tinkle-hell’ video from last week (see end of previous post) with some random green screen footage from the previous week. This could provide a structure for the film – in the foreground a pupil asleep on a desk (idea taken from the flip book in first session) and in the background (occupying the green screen backdrop) would be her animated dream …

We then set to work thinking about ideas for what the dream might be. Four groups came up with various things involving bizarre shoes that sprouted arms, killer vegetables and toilet humour! We were quite good at hearing each other’s ideas and many of them might make the final cut. The beauty is that dreams don’t necessarily need to make sense, in a ‘normal’ narrative sense: they can be non-linear which suits our timescale and the surreal theme.

We chose our ‘sleeping pupil’ by drawing names out of a hat (well done ‘Tomato2’!) and got on with the first couple of shots. We voted for what would make some good opening shots and decided on a high angle (as close to a birds-eye-view shot as we could manage standing on the desks) of the sleeper hunched over a desk. This was followed by a mid-shot from the front which tilted upwards slowly to reveal the green screen – and hence – eventually the animated dream sequence …

Here’s one of our opening birds eye view shots:

Others in the group improvised some more animations, developing some great effects – involving a blinking old man and a strange disappearing hand, a caterpillar, and a man being swallowed down the loo.




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