The Clip Club

Primary after-school club in East London, UK – we watch, talk about, shoot and edit short films and clips

Sessions 6 & 7 – Editing

The Clip Club team talk some more about how they are going to finish their clips and 3 groups go off and film the last few shots. One group do a kind of scary tracking shot following Wizard23 through the corridors of the school: great camera work by Dual2 and stills work by Gman, from which everyone is going to benefit. Another pair film a classroom scene picking up from Clara’s extreme close-up and the last group film some strange and effective happenings with jumping pencils and wafting paper. All this footage will be used to create different movie trailers and nothing goes to waste.

IMG_2295I give everyone more advice about e-safety because it looks like some of the group have filled in boxes whilst commenting that they needn’t fill in. The group are reminded never to write their email addresses anywhere in school projects, nor their real names.

The next session sees the group editing their work on 3 Mac books. I remind them about selecting the good bits of clips to drag up into their projects and quickly create an example trailer with their footage, including some slowed down dialogue from some ‘accidentally filmed’ footage of the whole group talking – this is used as a soundtrack/sound effect to my example trailer. There’s a technical issue with one group but eventually they’re up and running, selecting clips and doing voice-over work. Two groups record their voices too loudly so they have to do them again. I explain that they can always make their voices louder in the software.

(I had to leave early this week because I was giving a presentation about The Clip Club and how it works at a Teachmeet-style event at the Media Education Association in Highbury.)

More people have started to comment so I think I’ll write a few things about what makes a good comment.

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  1. clara on said:

    i was on the computer making a movie

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