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Primary after-school club in East London, UK – we watch, talk about, shoot and edit short films and clips

What makes a good comment?

May be we could work together on this? I’ve noticed most of you have started to make comments which is great, so now it’s time to start thinking about what makes a good one. Because this blog is public, and just about anyone in the world can read it, we have to try and make our comments less like a private conversation and more like a conversation that others might find interesting. How can we do that? Please comment and make some suggestions.

I thought of these. After reading a post, you could comment by saying:

  • something positive about someone’s post, giving a reason why
  • how it makes you think of something else (this could be something that’s happened or something else that you’ve read or seen elsewhere)
  • how it makes you feel
  • how someone you know might react to the post

There’s something really special about getting a comment about your post, so be supportive and respect what the other person has written, even if you disagree. It’s fine to disagree, but it’s always good to say why. In this way everyone might learn something new.

I look forward to your comments about this post! Happy Easter!

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2 thoughts on “What makes a good comment?

  1. Nimbus on said:

    Yes, That is a good Idea. Maybe we could share our own views about things we have seen – e.g. The croods is interesting, however the camera stays in the same place lots so there is less cuts: an average of 150 instead of 250.

    • Mm, interesting point. Maybe it’s cheaper to edit an animation with fewer cuts?
      And yes, I need to have a session with the others on posting to the blog as well as commenting. Please do tell us about any more films you’ve seen and any aspects of the film language that made an impression.

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