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Run School Run! 1 & 2 + Making of – on Youtube

Just to remind you – here’s the first film: Run School Run!:

Here’s our new sequel Run School Run! 2:

And here’s ‘The making of’ & Bloopers:

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7 thoughts on “Run School Run! 1 & 2 + Making of – on Youtube

  1. Well…so often sequels disappoint but just to say I thought Run School Run 2 was even better than Run School Run.
    Brilliant stuff.
    Congratulations to all involved.
    Filming was atmospheric, great use of green screen at the end, music used well throughout and great special effects.
    As I write this I am in a nearly empty university building and feeling slightly scared as a result of your film…

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  3. Becky Parry on said:

    Fantastic filmmaking. I love the camera work following people upstairs and along corridors. Great acting too. Enjoyed the ‘making of’ too – such passion and attention to detail. Well done. Would ‘Run School Run 3’ be pushing it too far?

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  5. Wizard23 on said:

    Hi guys its wizard 23 miss everyone

    • Hi Wizard! Great to hear from you. I miss you guys too!
      Hope you’re enjoying your school and have made some new friends. Email me if you want me to remind you how to make posts on the blog. Perhaps there’ll be some films or animations you seen online somewhere that you might want to tell us about, now or in the future. Vimeo is a good place to look. Keep in touch!

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